Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Months

I was just browsing my archives when I realized that I started the comic officially on March 1. That means that Majestic7 is 6 months old tomorrow.

Yay! Celebration!

I'm going to buy copious amounts of legos now

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hello everyone!

I'm back at school, I just put all 5 of next weeks comics in the queue in FileZilla, and I have pictures ready to go for next week and I even have a couple for a few weeks from now.

Hopefully, sometime this weekend, I can get my two week buffer period back

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Month of August

This looks like a pretty busy month:
July 31 - August 5 -- family vacation to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas
August 7 - August 11 -- house/dog sitting for a family friend
August 14 -- moving back to school
August 14 - August 23 -- Band Camp
August 24 - August 28 -- First week of school

Clearly not an awful lot of time to work on the comic.
I have grudgingly decided to do another intermission that will last about two weeks. Depending on how much I can get done on the trip, it will start on either the 17th or thge 24th. It will consist of a couple strips that I made while waiting for comicgenesis to create my account. Unfortunately, some of the original files no longer exist and the resolution of the image files is bigger than my normal comics. The quality may not be that great since I will have to resize them and redo the captions at the top.

The good news is that there will be stuff to read while I'm gone.

Also: regarding the week of the 3rd
My friend said she would buy me legos if I would put it(them) in my comic. Of course I agreed to this, not entirely knowing what I was getting myself into. I feel that I did a good job with what I got though.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slow Going

Multiple events have prevented me from actively working on the strip. I've somehow barely managed to scrape out another week of comics... thank goodness for the fact that I wrote this entire episode about a month ago. Speaking of which I should revisit/complete the script for the next episode...
I recently bought the Trolls' Mountain Fortress. Its actually a very nice set... although just a little expensive (were legos always this expensive??). Its a pretty good value for the money. In all honesty, I bought it for the minifigures. I feel like that happens a lot... the best minifigures are always exclusive to the most expensive sets. 2 large trolls (tan and green), 1 brownshirt troll, 1 greyshirt troll, troll king, troll sorceress, human king and like 3 knights. The set itself, however should be very useful in the next episode... I just need to modify it a little bit and it is perfect. Also, when did lego sets become so modular?
Combined with the troll battleship and a couple other sets, my troll population is up to about 12 or 13... about twice as much as my knights whom I have named: Angryface, Scared Guy, Unibrow, Tony Stark, John and Red. Also, how did the trolls capture the king? Reminds me of starwars...

"War! In a stunning move that clearly underscores the ineptitude of both the Clone Armies and the Jedi Council, Genral Grievous, leader of the Seperatist forces, managed to single handedly kidnap the most important/powerful man in the entire Republic"

I am also greatly excited for the Troll Battle Pack and the Dwarf Battle Pack

Because the only thing cooler than Trolls are Dwarves

And the only thing cooler than Dwarves... are Squidmen

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dawn of Blog

Majestic7 is now on a blog... necessary to preserve my true identity
I need something better to convey my feelings about things relating to the comic

Also I need an outlet that I can access anywhere without updating html

The "News" section of the comic is not entirely adequate for these purposes