Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello everyone,

10 more comics till 300!
I'm excited
Incidentally, I've pushed back episode 13 until 301.

So its that time of year again. Classes end on April 30, meaning that I'll be moving my stuff out during the following two weeks. then on the 18th I'll be leaving for Hong Kong and I won't be back until June 8th.

This basically means that for the better part of four weeks, I wont be able to work on the comic.

I'm really going to try to have enough comics published before then. If this doesnt happen, I would rather not skip a week so i may just do comics every other day?

Recently I discovered celtix, a free script writing thing. I'm aiming to get a solid script for episode 13 this weekend and then maybe start on episode 14. That should be a pretty good start for may and june.

Also, send me emails. Nobody ever sends me emails.