Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

March 1 is rapidly approaching, which means that my comic is almost a year old. Its been an interesting journey so far, there have been ups and downs. Thankfully, the last several weeks have been a significant up. A couple weeks ago, my friend decided to do a mini documentary about me and my comic, that put me into this huge manic comic making phase, and I did 3 weeks worth in a night.

I have received comments that, the comic is hard to follow, or that people have no idea whats going on. Year 1 was largely experimental, trying to get a feel for construction and photography as well as plot and characters.

Well, I'm very excited for year 2, I think I will finally get around to doing a huge story arc that I've had in my head for a long time. Before that though, I am going to spend a couple months just on characterization. I feel like I've been favoring some characters over others, mostly because I have a solid idea of who they are in my head. Some of the other characters.... not so much. I'm gunna work on backstory and maybe some extended flashbacks, then I can figure out who these people are, what are their motivations? their hopes and desires?

Its been a great year, but this one should be even better