Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Comic hiatus

So I don't know who reads the blog... honestly, I don't know who reads the comic either

You might have noticed that about a month ago I disappeared off the face of the earth. It was due to moving back to school... but here we are 3 weeks into the semester and I still havent continued the story.

I feel like I've lost a lot of momentum (all of it). But I still have tons of legos and a million ideas... honestly, at this point, I might just start an entirely new storyline set in the same universe.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Good news, I'm back on track for the main comic. I've published up to July 2nd and hopefully I'll have the rest of episode 15 done by the end of the week.

In other news, due to a slow day at work, I've been fleshing out articles on the wiki... I don't know if I have a link for it in the blog... hmm

Thursday, May 20, 2010


So it looks like the comic didn't update last night... or is it this morning... or yesterday? I don't know because I'm in Hong Kong right now

Since I am out of the country and don't own a laptop, I don't have access to any of the comics... I'm 98% sure that I uploaded all of them for the next 3 weeks, and I'm hoping its a problem with comicgenesis... if not, then I offer my sincerest apologies

Although I really don't think I would have missed one in the middle of the week

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello everyone,

10 more comics till 300!
I'm excited
Incidentally, I've pushed back episode 13 until 301.

So its that time of year again. Classes end on April 30, meaning that I'll be moving my stuff out during the following two weeks. then on the 18th I'll be leaving for Hong Kong and I won't be back until June 8th.

This basically means that for the better part of four weeks, I wont be able to work on the comic.

I'm really going to try to have enough comics published before then. If this doesnt happen, I would rather not skip a week so i may just do comics every other day?

Recently I discovered celtix, a free script writing thing. I'm aiming to get a solid script for episode 13 this weekend and then maybe start on episode 14. That should be a pretty good start for may and june.

Also, send me emails. Nobody ever sends me emails.

Sunday, March 21, 2010



Been a busy weekend for me. As of last friday, Majestic7 has a wiki: http://majestic7.wikia.com/wiki/Majestic7_Wiki

It is new and it is sparse, but I hope to get a reasonable amount of information available on there in the coming months. I certainly wouldn't mind if people helped me update it. Thanks.

Also people should send me emails majestic7comic@gmail.com

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!

March 1 is rapidly approaching, which means that my comic is almost a year old. Its been an interesting journey so far, there have been ups and downs. Thankfully, the last several weeks have been a significant up. A couple weeks ago, my friend decided to do a mini documentary about me and my comic, that put me into this huge manic comic making phase, and I did 3 weeks worth in a night.

I have received comments that, the comic is hard to follow, or that people have no idea whats going on. Year 1 was largely experimental, trying to get a feel for construction and photography as well as plot and characters.

Well, I'm very excited for year 2, I think I will finally get around to doing a huge story arc that I've had in my head for a long time. Before that though, I am going to spend a couple months just on characterization. I feel like I've been favoring some characters over others, mostly because I have a solid idea of who they are in my head. Some of the other characters.... not so much. I'm gunna work on backstory and maybe some extended flashbacks, then I can figure out who these people are, what are their motivations? their hopes and desires?

Its been a great year, but this one should be even better

Monday, January 25, 2010

For my friend

(click on the comic to enlarge)

go to http://la.metblogs.com/2010/01/25/guess-what-weve-got-tickets-to/#comment-68695 and leave a comment saying the Heather Johnson should win the tickets